Little Shop of Horrors

Just had an annoying page takeover on Stuff this morning telling me New World’s Little Shop promotion is back. I already knew. As a father of two young girls going two days without visiting the local supermarket is nigh unheard of! My initial feeling of getting two little packets and a tick sheet from the […]

This morning Spark New Zealand launched. Here’s how I know…

Saw a full-page newspaper ad in the Dominion Post in the general news section. Saw another full-page newspaper ad in the Dominion Post business section. Scrolled past a promoted video on the launch on Facebook. Scrolled past a couple of tweets referencing the launch. Got punched in the face by an eyeblaster ad on the […]

Notes from Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report

Earlier this week Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers published her 2014 Internet Trends report. She’s been doing these reports for over a decade now and they’re a fantastic resource for business planners, digital strategists, developers, entrepreneurs and designers…in fact, pretty much anyone in the tech scene. The report contains 164 slides so I […]

Reddit and weep

I’ve just been reading about the form players from last weekend’s Super Rugby round. I got the link to the article from Reddit’s Rugby subreddit and found a new site I haven’t heard of before called It turns out this site has buckets of information and useful international insights into one of my favourite […]

A picture says a thousand retweets

Late last year twitter launched a service called twitter cards that enables a thumbnail image to appear alongside a standardised tweet from particular websites. To enable this feature websites need to feature a wee snippet of code to the twitter link/icon on their site. E-commerce services like Shopify are now offering it for sales items […]

Black Caps winning on the field and on twitter

Of all sports I follow cricket really is tailor made for twitter. On holiday at Christmas I found @BLACKCAPS tweeting regular test updates of wickets and milestones during the NZ/West Indies ODIs. Better still I discovered this at the end of the day when I didn’t know the result of the test, which meant as […]

Say it all it all in your URL

Sharing news and content on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is something I do very rarely these days. Instead, I have a couple of friends who I share content, articles, videos etc with. Usually this is through Skype chat or Messages. They’re not professional contacts, just people who enjoy a bit of humour or a new […]

Holding on to your friends

I’ve got a set of bookmarked websites I call ‘timefillers’. They’re sites that are regularly updated and contain gee whiz content that stirs up emotions. One of my timefiller sites is It features a range of filtered image lists eg 10 best, 15 most etc that make you generally feel good. What I also […]


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