Michael Hill…watches??

I have to take my hat off to Michael Hill for his brilliant coup of hosting the NZ Golf Open in his backyard at the weekend.

As a ‘marketeer’ businessman Michael Hill liberated the owner-operated TV commercial mantle from Alan Martin (LV Martin and Sons – your Fisher and Paykel dealer) with his high frequency byline…Michael Hill…Jeweller.

Now, as the senior exec of a multinational midrange jewelry store, he’s managed to hijack four days of near exclusive television coverage for “Michael Hill Watches” during a European Tour qualified golf championship.

These days we talk a lot about online innovation in marketing and communications but sometimes it’s just great to see some quality marketing from a more traditional form.

One thought on “Michael Hill…watches??

  1. I agree Michael Hill has fairly sucessfully hijacked advertising, but lets be honest is the product : Michael Hill watches really worth being part of such an elite event?
    Having owned a Michael Hill watch it has been my experience that it is a product requiring abnormal care and not to the standard of being linked with the NZ open.


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