“M” ads meet mainstream

The NZ Herald’s freshly launched mobile version will make things easier for people with iPhones to read their daily news fill. It’s great to see the mainstream media being quick to embrace this new interface.

Blog image - NZHerald Mobile v1

You’ll notice the display ad and text ads framing the article. Interesting.

Trade me also launched their mobile version last month in anticipation of the iPhone 3G launch. We spoke with Trade me about featuring some tactical text link ads here but they declined as they don’t feel their audience is ready for this yet. Fair enough. I guess they make their real money through other means.

The NZHerald on the other hand do need the ad revenue to justify this new extension and obviously think their audience is ready for ads on their mobile version. Unfortunately the ad server technology isn’t. This is what happened when I clicked on the text link:

Blog image - NZHerald Mobile v2
Still, we’re getting there, and someone needs to start it.

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