Property reports for free!

Over August data gurus Terralink are opening up their valuation resources so people can register their email address and get up to three free valuation reports. A little bit of giving for a nice big prize. This is good viral marketing.

And they even have a risk model for this offer following QV’s free report offer back in 2006.

3 rules for a successful viral advertising campaign:

1.  Create a product that offers real value at little or no cost to the user.

2. The offer shouldn’t appear to be contrived and the product or service needs to be so good and so useful that people are willing to divulge their contact details to receive it.

3. For a person to pass on a website link (generally by email) to friends, family and colleagues the tools or services offered have to be something the sender will be proud of.

I think Terralink meet these points with this offer. I just hope the softening property market’s ready for their conservative valuations.

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