Adult video said to be moving to HTML5

I got alerted to this news this morning. For most people this little bit of information means absolutely nothing. But it speaks volumes of the power of Apple.

To bring folks up to speed, when Apple recently launched their iPad they built it so it couldn’t run Flash, Adobe’s proprietary platform for animation, video and interactivity for websites. They felt Flash drew too much power from the battery to operate effectively. Instead Apple saw the future in the open code of HTML5.

At the moment millions of websites and online videos use Flash so with this massive decision by Steve Jobs at Apple, Flash sites and videos will be lost to all iPad users (and that user list is growing rapidly).

If you consider one of the core features of the iPad will be domestic use with people using it to peruse the web, video is an important feature. And now if the article I read is true to form and the adult entertainment industry do cross to HTML5, things will move superquick.

This news also makes for a bit of amusement as Steve Jobs has been quoted in a recent email exchange with Valleywag editor Ryan Tate as saying their App Store will create a “freedom from porn”.

If you think I’m being sensationalist, think back to what’s driven the development of some critical web developments that we take for granted.

Where did the willingness and capability for online payments come from?

Would we have peer-to-peer video streaming without adult video?

For things to really advance with the web, money needs to change hands. And for a large part of the web, adult entertainment is where the money comes from. Just consider Wikipedia. Where did Jimmy Wales get the capital to seed this fantastic resource? Have a look

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