Two posts a year is twice as good as one…

In a week it will be a year since I last posted on this blog. A year. Wow. It’s moved fast. In that time we’ve completely rebuilt our house, seen my blog get hacked and saved, watched our youngest move into ‘the school years’ and continued to provide ongoing digital advice and support to our core clients and three new ones.

We’ve seen Facebook float and turn its community into a product. We’ve seen Instagram’s owners profit, stuff up and recover.

Google’s continued its march into behavioural marketing and is slowly using its various verticals to build Google+ into a colossal tool.

Apple, sans Steve Jobs, has continued to own the smartphone and tablet device space, although their app centric OS is starting to wear down its appeal as Windows (yes Windows!) launches a more useful mobile product and Samsung and Nokia find the right size and features for their hardware.

We’ve watched local player Trade me slow as people start buying goods directly overseas or simply dismiss the need for buying and selling books, DVDs or CDs.

Groupon and its various pretenders have seen the light and we watched them burn out as fast as they came.

We’ve watched the newspaper industry whittle down its profits as advertisers place their dollars where the eyeballs can be measured and better understood.

We’ve seen Pacific Fibre slide underwater and take with it a potential windfall of benefits for Kiwis.

We’ve seen NZ be a pawn in Hollywood’s attempts to remain in the past with their business models.

We’ve seen NZ journalists really start to understand twitter and its potential. If only they stopped exclusively talking with each other on it and started using it to connect with new audiences.

And we’ve seen the rise and rise of Pinterest. As of yesterday the company has a market valuation of $2.5 billion. Well played.

Heaps of other things happened too. But if I list them all, it’ll be another year before I actually post some opinion here. And who knows what will happen in a year…