Say it all it all in your URL

Sharing news and content on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is something I do very rarely these days. Instead, I have a couple of friends who I share content, articles, videos etc with. Usually this is through Skype chat or Messages. They’re not professional contacts, just people who enjoy a bit of humour or a new POV.

Today I stumbled on a terrific bit of TV featuring Russell Brand promoting his live show on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show. (If you’ve got 8 minutes, I highly recommend viewing it!)

To share it I copied the link and flicked it on through Messages. In doing so I realised the URL does a great job of peaking curiosity.

“Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Talk Show Host…” says it all.

This is a smart move by Gawker. It instantly simplifies what I need to do to share this content.

Youtube, who actually host the video, use

If I were to share this URL, I’d have to do an intro to friends to get them to click and view it. Not really hard, but avoidable.

With the Gawker link I can just say “Read this  <insert link>” to my friends and they will be able to see precisely what the article is about and, if they’re like me, kind of want to see how Brand destroys a US talk show host.

These little details make all the difference when you’re trying to up page impressions and should be something the likes of the NZ Herald have on their to do list.