Black Caps winning on the field and on twitter

Of all sports I follow cricket really is tailor made for twitter.

On holiday at Christmas I found @BLACKCAPS tweeting regular test updates of wickets and milestones during the NZ/West Indies ODIs.

Better still I discovered this at the end of the day when I didn’t know the result of the test, which meant as I gradually scrolled up my twitter feed on my iPhone, my anticipation and excitement of what happens next really inflated.

I basically got a play-by-play summary of the test that I could control in a matter of minutes. Fantastic.

Now I’m sure many people do this in a rugby or soccer game but cricket’s slow flow and incremental achievements really work in this medium.

What differentiated the cricket tweets from a regular live scoreboard on was the additional test comments passed through each test’s hashtag and the regular retweets of people’s comments by the @BLACKCAPS official tweeters. These all added a new dimension to a day’s cricket watching.

So well played New Zealand Cricket. Please keep it up so I (and your 49k followers) can keep in touch with a team that’s playing better than I’ve ever seen.