Reddit and weep

I’ve just been reading about the form players from last weekend’s Super Rugby round. I got the link to the article from Reddit’s Rugby subreddit and found a new site I haven’t heard of before called It turns out this site has buckets of information and useful international insights into one of my favourite spectator sports.

Without the link on Reddit I never would have found it.

In recent times Reddit has become one of the most assessable and simple ways to keep ahead or up to date with topics of interest online. It’s also the source for many listacles we see on the amazingly popular Buzzfeed and click bait filter sites like Twisted Sifter or Tastefully Offensive.

So why aren’t we seeing New Zealand news sites on Reddit? This is surely the key point of growth for young audiences and avid web users. All it would take is for one or two folks Stuff or the NZ Herald to start offering amusing comments about specific articles and posting them. If they’re good, the crowd will engage and like them.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.