This morning Spark New Zealand launched. Here’s how I know…

Saw a full-page newspaper ad in the Dominion Post in the general news section.

Saw another full-page newspaper ad in the Dominion Post business section.

Scrolled past a promoted video on the launch on Facebook.

Scrolled past a couple of tweets referencing the launch.

Got punched in the face by an eyeblaster ad on the NZ Herald…and then again on Stuff. Tweeted how annoying that was.

Noticed Spark NZ at the top of my iPhone.

Saw the banner ad on Stuff again later, noticed the URL was and wondered why. Decided to check and I see they’ve got that URL so checked why the URL in the banner ad differed. Turns out is simply an introductory site. Unsure why it’s so different from the actual site and why Spark think online banner clickers should have such a different experience from others? There’s no URL in either of the print ads so I checked the URLs for Telecom and Gen-I and both redirect to new sites. The former to

All up a very clear launch…just didn’t need to use eyeblasters online. That felt very Telecom.