Ad positioning

Part of the fun of parenthood is having plenty of home time and recently I’ve found myself regularly watching Prime’s 7pm sport show ‘The Crowd Goes Wild’.

I quite like the show but what I find really painful is the quality of the ads in their ad breaks. Low budget, owner-narrated ads about garage doors for 3 out of every 10 minutes is just not good TV and it ultimately reflects badly on TCGW and Prime.

The magazine industry is in the same boat. Have a look at any sophisticated fashion or food magazine and you’ll find that the ads can create much of the entertainment. The ads also help establish the magazine’s market and brand position.

So do online ads affect a website’s brand positioning?

In the age of Google’s Content Network and First Rate’s Performance Network it’s possible to get an ambush of text and visual ads from multiple parties on any number on NZ websites. This may be constructive use of empty site inventory but does it affect the user experience? And what about eyeblaster and MediaOne ads that appear over the top of content?

Obviously advertisers want their ads viewed and clicked on and a good online ad will help users when they’re relevant and topical. And most publishers need the ads there to contribute to generating some sort of revenue.

I guess the point is, like with TV and magazines, if online ads appear in an irritating or obnoxious way, the advertiser is not only damaging their brand, but also the brand of the publisher who is hosting the ad too.

One thought on “Ad positioning

  1. I can’t stand those MediaOne ads on the herald site. I’ve never watched one yet and having to turn them off is infuriating. As a result I blocked the whole mediaone network on the company router. I don’t know who they work for but I think I’d be scared watching how easily they’re bent by online ads.


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