Swallowing the Pip

Like nearly everyone in Wellington I’m reading Lloyd Jones’s novel Mister Pip at the moment. After winning the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the Montana Book Awards, and now making the longlist for the Man Booker Prize, Mister Pip is most definitely the flavour of the month.

Although it’s probably not something I’d normally read, the power of these awards and the fact so many of my friends and family members have been talking about it has made me pick it up.

It turns out Mister Pip is quite a simple book that’s basically about the power of a little girl’s imagination after being read Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations.

So, a book about the imagination of reading has got book reviewers excited. Is that a surprise? Here we have people who love books reading a story about the experience and emotional power of a good book’s characters – and they love it!

This train of thought got me thinking about advertising industry awards and how the power of a few can be used to create a buzz amongst the masses.

In the past I’ve worked with ad agencies that use ad awards to leverage sales. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but I wonder if this train of thought can have an unreasonable influence on a creative approach that ends up targeting industry peers rather than the client’s target audience.

3 thoughts on “Swallowing the Pip

  1. I did too MG but I couldn’t help feel there must have been a bit of creativity in some of the reporting. This was verified for me when they mentioned Lloyd lives in Wellington when he’s now based in Berlin on a creative scholarship.


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