Bat, bowl, blog…the life of O’Brien

Lesson for aspiring NZ sports stars – along with practising your craft, spare some time to pay attention in English classes and when you get into a rep team, start blogging.

I’ve come up with this theory after seeing the rocket rise of NZ bowler Iain O’Brien whose single performance of substance this season has gained undue attention – mostly because he complements his cricketing fortunes with a nicely written blog detailing what’s going down within the team.

This sort of PR/personal expression is a fascinating one for a relatively high profile NZ sportsperson and the columnists love it! The angry Chris Rattue and mellow Jonathan Millmow both dedicated their columns yesterday to Mr O’Brien and praised his openness.

Alongside his bowling talents, O’Brien’s blog is giving an additional edge to the “Iain O’Brien” brand and it appears to be influencing his popularity and potential fortunes enormously.

More please, Iain.

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