Whose Vodafone?

For the third month in a row I’ve been sent a text by Vodafone informing me that my bill of $x.xx is “due immediately”. And that I’m lazy, and a technical luddite. I’m also in trouble, and if I don’t pay up now, my credit record will be downgraded and I may have to find a new carrier for my beloved iPhone…

Ok, so perhaps I’m adding a bit of artistic flair to the communications there, but the latter points are what I feel in that instant moment when I get those text messages.

“Due immediately” creates a horrible feeling for me. I realise Vodafone want people to pay their bills on time, but I always do. So why put a rocket up me when they don’t have to?

How’s “Hi Mike, Just a reminder that your January 2009 invoice of $x.xx is waiting for you at Vodafone.co.nz/myvodafone. Thanks.”

How hard would that be? They know my name and that I pay on time. All up it’d create a much nicer customer experience.

Well, it would if myvodafone worked (it’s been loading for the whole time it’s taken me to write this post).

It’d also help if the cost savings Vodafone make by no longer sending invoices were passed on to the customer. Many other companies who are encouraging people to move away from printed/posted monthly invoices and are doing so by offering a credit as an incentive, rather than charging extra to those who wish to remain with the standard invoices.

If it’s going to be “myvodafone”, then what’s in it for me?

2 thoughts on “Whose Vodafone?

  1. Oh you have to love Vodafone … last night I was trying to top up my daughters phone. Forgot my password so had to “contact customer service” … first problem … her phone was out of credit.

    So I had to do an IOU … then to rub salt into the wounds when I did get through I had to pay $1 to talk to customer service, so that I could reset my password, and only then could I give them more money … grrrr


  2. thank goodness there is some one else out there having trouble with this new text billing. Im so over it – the first text I recieved on the 8th jan told me my bill was due on the 3rd Jan ! I then have paid Jan dnd now Feb still with the same issues – getting text messages saying that I am overdue! – Hellooo how can I be when my bank statement tells me that Vodafone have the cheques and presented. When I called Vodafone (yes I actually got through to someone) they told me that they dont apply the invoice number that the text to the payment and that it is only for my record. Hmm so you are telling me that I bother to refer on the back of the cheque the reference number you sent me only to ignore it completely and send me messages saying you dont have the payment?” I for one would drop vodafone for this totally rediculous billing idea of theres if there was a choice of other than Telecom… You cant respond to the text message, youcant get through to their call centre and you cant email them without getting totally frustrated on the “MY Account” web site – Vodafone you really dont know customer service


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