Black to the future

Today I’ve been watching many people I follow on Twitter start blacking out their avatar in a rich show of protest against Sections 92 A of the NZ Copyright Amendment Act 2008 which comes into force from 28 February.

The “guilt upon accusation” element of the Act will mean anyone can accuse a New Zealander of copyright infringement without evidence. And in doing so, their ISP will cut their Internet access. The protest action has been sparked by Creative Freedom NZ and makes sense to me.

Geekzone has done a nice job of explaining the situation and implications. They’ve also created some simple display ads for people to host on their blogs and websites so individuals can further raise awareness of the issue. This is smart.

What would be helpful now is for someone to create a set of display ads that actually tell people how they can join the movement. This simple little action will greatly help the Blackout cross the chasm into the mainstream. Creative Freedom NZ have these details clearly outlined, they just need to be advertised to people in the simplest possible way.

With all these actions in place the speed with which their messages take off will be interesting to watch.

Hopefully when the campaign does gain momentum, it’ll get into the minds of those policy makers who hold the sway of change.

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