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So my local news site Stuff launched their much anticipated version 3 this week. I met with Stuff’s Advertising and Marketing Manager, Kirsty Harmon this morning and gave her the following bulleted feedback. Nice to deal with people who can take on board suggestions. Feel free to add your own.

  • “Ad feedback” – Is nice but should only appear when ads are hosted.
  • Contextual ads – Feel right. The copy is too close to the image though.
  • Nice use of blue links and spacing.
  • No Billboard banner across the homepage. Good. In my experience people just scroll past those – esp if they’re dynamic.
  • Links at footer around the homepage but they need to be in the footer of the content pages (point noted by friend)
  • Wondering if top right could become a 200×80 ad that could extend the offer from Trade me. Deal would be that it has to be static so it doesn’t affect the logo or navigation. Would make it easier for ad agencies who need to produce a dozen different ads for optimum reach with each campaign.
  • No mobile site yet…

4 thoughts on “Stuff to point out

  1. Good suggestions – a few more.

    Designwise their homepage lacks focus. They have a large news images left and and large promo image on the right with a narrow column of text in the middle. It doesn’t work. With the likes of BBC news, NZ Herald and NY Times etc they have one feature image which makes these sites more readble and compelling.

    Are they are aware that a significant number of people are using screen sizes of 1024×768 and greater? Their site still appears to be optimised for 800×600. I’m sure they’ve checked their own usage stats, but I suspect the majority of users are getting a too much whitespace either side which could be utilised.

    And bring on the mobile version – until then I’m sticking with


  2. Hi Mike,

    It was great to catch up the other day. We’re intending to take a more iterative approach to development moving forward, so really good to get your feedback.

    Keep an eye out on over the coming months!


  3. Sadly, I don’t like it and don’t find it user friendly. It has been the catalyst for me to wander off and start checking out the opposition. Of course, you’re going to ask me to say why. I can’t quite put my finger on it – but it’s like a glove that just doesn’t fit right.


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