Big little things

Last night I was kept awake by an incessant drip from the cistern in our bathroom. Now this drip has been happening for quite some time but over the last week or two it’s getting particularly bad.

It’s something we should have repaired ages ago but I know nothing about plumbing and I’m loath to roll up my sleeves and dig into the back-end of our toilet. But more to the point I can’t really justify calling a plumber either. The job is just so small that it feels kind of pointless getting someone to come all the way over to fix it.

All this got me thinking about the little things in online advertising and the importance of paying attention to them.

Do you use “home loan” calculator or “mortgage” calculator as the link? Do you underline the links? Does having “Click here” in the ad make difference to the results? What parts of the ads should you track?

Fortunately with online advertising the answers to all these questions are found with measurement – you just have to have the right attitude to testing and improving your ideas over time.

This week we’ve got a flight running for on Trade me that has a range of ads in which we’re testing a range of subtle variations in ad design. At the end of the flight we’ll break down the results and build on the learnings for next time.

If only solutions to my plumbing were so simple!

2 thoughts on “Big little things

  1. At least the choice of website is not in question 😉

    I believe the two biggest reasons for reduced click results (as one measure of success) are ‘offer’ and ‘rotation/refresh of material’ to reduce banner burn.

    We’ve seen our three biggest campaigns on Trade Me this year from our smallest newbie advertisers who made compelling offers and in return were rewarded with 10k+ clicks per week on our ROS spots. This certainly proves its power for direct response.

    If only we could measure its brand building so simply. Does Sorted measure brand recall as a result of online activity and how effective is online activity as a positioning medium?


  2. You’re absolutely right MG, offer and rotation are key to successful online ad flights. So are simplicity and the full user experience.

    With Sorted (and our other clients) we try to make the full user experience after the ‘click’ benefit the user too. It’s the outcome from the click and subsequent transaction that will matter most in forming an online brand.

    The success of some Trade me flights this year that have come from new brands doesn’t surprise me but would they work if they advertised again?


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