Meeting Kiwis on our terms

Watching New Zealand’s Got Talent last night (hey two kids under three leads to an exciting Monday evening at my place!) I noticed they’re using social media to create a web presence for the show rather than building a fully fledged website.

Using social platforms for a short run show that’s largely watched by younger viewers feels smart. This audience would love the connectivity and familiarity of these environments and will quickly use word of mouth to share their association.

So why on earth have Prime chosen MySpace as their platform in New Zealand? Surely Bebo has this market cornered here.

It feels like there’s been a bit too much influence from Prime’s Australian owners where MySpace is the dominant social networking site.

This isn’t the first time New Zealand’s online marketplace and infrastructure has been ignored by international publishers – to their own disadvantage.

Trade me proved years ago the advantages of tailoring your site to a NZ market and have subsequently locked eBay out.

And in March 2007 when Yahooxtra joined the NZ market they used irregular ad sizes and refused to join Nielsen’s Market Intelligence.

By ignoring our online advertising standards they missed out on a lot of advertising revenue. Fortunately they observed this mistake and have since joined MI and are amending their ad formats.

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