Site distillation

After getting an iPhone last week I’ve been hovering around iTunes looking at different downloads and apps.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see National Bank already have an app for simple iPhone access to your accounts. I’ve downloaded the app and as you’d expect, the first page are the login fields.

This makes sense and I’d imagine the majority of their site’s visitors would use this page as the site’s gateway. So why aren’t the login fields displayed on National Bank’s new homepage? This seems strange to me.

Anyhow, whoever they target with their homepage is their business.

The observation is that by distilling your site for the mobile market you may find some fundamental user experience issues that need changing on your main website.

A good exercise if you’ve got a whiteboard and some free thinkers.

2 thoughts on “Site distillation

  1. “So why aren’t the login fields displayed on National Bank’s new homepage?”

    One reason will be that this requires a secure site (https://) which slows down the whole site. However Bank Direct go directly to https:// (but they probably assume most of their visitors just want to login and do nothing else).


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