Giving more than money

Stuff’s straight up support to Breast Cancer Awareness Month illustrates the versatility of online advertising and brand strengths.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Stuff

By just running pink across their header (with a tiny pink ribbon) Stuff are communicating support to BCAM and generating the subtle campaign awareness that’s difficult to quantify. This predisposition may just be the difference when we see BCAM collectors in the street on Friday.

When I worked on I got my first taste of the passion and energy people in the charity sector put into events like BCAM and the skill it takes. The budgets are non-existent so they rely on brand support from celebrities, big business and popular media to gain exposure.

Paid for or not, it’s nice to see Stuff taking a lead in doing something different that doesn’t corrupt the content with page takeovers or eyeblasters.

One thought on “Giving more than money

  1. Mike – great comment. I was impressed when I saw this also. Good work from the FFX NZ Digital folks for taking a leadership position without destroying content & usability in the process.


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